Eric Lima Woodturning

About the Artist


ďDestined for the landfill or someoneís fireplace, itís very satisfying to give the trees a new transformation. Itís a rebirth for them, allowing their beauty and majesty to live on in a new life form.Ē Eric Lima, 2015



Eric Lima was born in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1959 and raised in Boulder, CO. He took every shop class he could in Junior High and High School in both machine and wood. He wanted to take art classes as well, but his father discouraged that, wanting him to play football. After moving to Tucson, AZ at the age of eighteen, Eric attended Pima Community College and worked in the machine trades, first as a steel mold maker, then taking on more jobs and moving up the education ladder into the computerized area of machinery. He ultimately started his own company servicing and repairing CNC Machinery.


Ericís love affair with wood began as a hobby in 1993. Since he loves working and creating with his hands, it seemed like a natural fit. He did the usual woodworking things for a short time, but didnít find his niche until he re-discovered the lathe and turned wood. His first project was a small baseball bat for his young son. After that, came the bowls and vases, very rudimentary in the beginning. They made great family gifts at first, until one day someone at work saw one of his bowls and purchased it. Over time, the turnings became thinner and the turquoise inlay more exquisite, with the great eye for detail and perfection that was instilled in him as a mold maker. He can envision a finished piece when looking at a log, instead of seeing firewood like the rest of us. Heís tried many different inlay materials through the years, but the beautiful marriage of wood and turquoise is now the mainstay. Always looking to improve and evolve, some pieces are now extremely large and some have voids. This makes it more dangerous to turn on the lathe, but very challenging and satisfying. He is truly a self-taught artist , with no formal training, only passion and determination.